These are the players of New Arts Ruhr

Who we are, what we do

The New Arts Ruhr is a whole network of different players. Here you can find out who else is behind the NKR alongside artists and cultural workers. The project offices Urban Arts and New Circus are central when it comes to network and support to the local scenes. The New Arts Advisory Board guides the program. The expert jury selects the projects to be funded. The Ministry of Culture and Science shapes the framework conditions for cultural diversity in the Ruhr region and beyond.

Project Offices

New Circus Project Office

What is the New Circus Project Office?

The project office is a coordination center for New Circus in the Ruhr region. It has a great network in the German-speaking scene and beyond. The office is your point of contact if you work in the field of New Circus or if you are interested or have questions.

What does the New Circus Project Office do?

The project office is expanding the New Circus network in the Ruhr region. It organizes network meetings for various cultural players, for artists, for venues, sometimes for their connections. The project office is also the point of contact when it comes to the international New Circus and can help you with all kinds of questions in this context.

The New Circus Project Office organizes further training: the physical, technical and artistic skills of artists and young talents can be further developed here.

The project office has a broad advisory profile, advising artists on project development, funding opportunities and applications. Municipal institutions can seek advice on events and issues relating to the culture-driven development of urban society. Production and performance venues can find answers to questions relating to the production and programming of the vibrant sector at the project office.

The New Circus Project Office is in close contact with universities and colleges that teach in the field of New Circus. These include, for example, the Folkwang University in Essen, which offers courses in scenic research, theater studies and physical theater, and art colleges in Stockholm and Rotterdam, which each offer a "Circus Art" course.

Who is behind the New Circus Project Office?

Carolin Hensel-Lippold, Axel Hupertz and Jenny Patschovsky form the New Circus Project Office.

How can I get in touch?

You can reach the project office by e-mail, telephone or contact form. You can find email addresses, numbers and the form here:

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Urban Arts Project Office

What is the Urban Arts project office?

The project office is a location and coordination center for urban arts in the Ruhr region. The office takes care of the needs of the scenes, it connects, advises, makes possible and promotes ideas and projects of the independent scene in and around the Ruhr region. Cultural events and formats for further education and training take place in the premises in Wanne-Eickel.

What does the Urban Arts project office do?

The urban arts project office is a network: it is a hub for the sub-scenes of urban arts. The urban arts project office offers artists the opportunity to connect with the scenes and find a productive environment and, if necessary, mediates in projects.

The project office is a venue and platform - it is open Monday to Wednesday between 10 am and 5 pm. During opening hours, there is always at least one person from the project office available for discussions and questions. The space will be continuously established as an event venue in 2024, it can be used as a project space for presentations, performances, exhibitions, readings or panel discussions - also for your formats! It is also free of charge.

The urban arts project office offers further education and training. The target group includes professional artists and those who want to become one.

The urban arts project office is a contact point for advice - for example, it advises on project funding from the NKR, helps with applications for project concepts and project descriptions or cost and financing plans. You are also in the right place for questions relating to the development of the artistic profile, supra-regional networking or other issues.

You can find information on the project office's current activities and events in our events calendar.

Who is behind the Urban Arts project office?

Elikem Anyigba (rap, music), Emil Imdahl (street art, graffiti) and Ates Kaykilar (urban dance) form the urban arts project office.

How can I get in touch?

You can reach the project office by email, phone or Instagram. You can find email addresses, numbers and the address here

How do I find the Urban Arts project office?

Hauptstraße 290
44649 Herne

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00 and by appointment

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We are also...

The New Arts Advisory Board

An advisory board made up of creative minds from the various scenes in the Ruhr region is available to guide the project. The participants of the 2023 advisory board include

Vesela Stanoeva-Broer, artist, scenographer, Dortmund
Matthias Krentzek, co-founder of the Places virtual reality festival, Gelsenkirchen
Jenny Patschovsky, Chairwoman of the Federal Association of Contemporary Circus, founder of Atemzug, Cologne
Christian Eggert, owner of the agency DACAPO Kultur Offensiv!, initiator of Urbanatix & Open Space, Bochum
Frieda Frost, breakdancer, doctoral student at the Institute for Dance and Movement Culture at the Cologne Sport University
Zekai Fenerci, artistic director of Pottporus e.V. and Renegade, Herne
Ahmet Sisman, DJ, music manager, event organizer, Third Space, Essen
Inga Marie Sponheuer, cultural manager and agent for diversity development, Bochum
Michael Eickhoff, Academy for Theater & Digitality, Dortmund
Sabeth Dannenberg, artist, Bochum
Annika Pacyna, co-founder of the RKNKT Festival, DJ Bochum
Ursula Meyer, artist, scenographer and event organizer, Essen
Fabian Saveedra-Lara, curator, head of the office, Dortmund
Aaron Stratmann, interdisciplinary artist, event management, Ruhr region

The Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW)

The Ministry of Culture and Science shapes the framework conditions for cultural diversity and scientific excellence in North Rhine-Westphalia. Ina Brandes has been the Minister of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia since June 29, 2022. Further information on funding programs and the ministry can be found at


Ruhr Regional Association (RVR)

The 480 employees of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) are competent and experienced in regional planning and regional development, in the management of infrastructure projects such as the Industrial Heritage Route and Emscher Landscape Park, in the planning and expansion of the regional cycle path network and in the maintenance and development of forest and green spaces. At the heart of the RVR's legal mandate is the well-being of the Ruhr metropolis - as a networker, coordinator, initiator, service provider or project sponsor. You can find more information about the association at