These are the players of New Arts Ruhr

Who we are, what we do

The New Arts Ruhr is a whole network of different players. Here you can find out who else is behind the NKR alongside artists and cultural workers. The project offices Urban Arts and New Circus are central when it comes to network and support to the local scenes. The New Arts Advisory Board guides the program. The expert jury selects the projects to be funded. The Ministry of Culture and Science shapes the framework conditions for cultural diversity in the Ruhr region and beyond.

We are...

The New Arts Advisory Board

An advisory board made up of creative minds from the various scenes in the Ruhr region is available to guide the project. The participants of the 2023 advisory board include

Vesela Stanoeva-Broer, artist, scenographer, Dortmund
Matthias Krentzek, co-founder of the Places virtual reality festival, Gelsenkirchen
Jenny Patschovsky, Chairwoman of the Federal Association of Contemporary Circus, founder of Atemzug, Cologne
Christian Eggert, owner of the agency DACAPO Kultur Offensiv!, initiator of Urbanatix & Open Space, Bochum
Frieda Frost, breakdancer, doctoral student at the Institute for Dance and Movement Culture at the Cologne Sport University
Zekai Fenerci, artistic director of Pottporus e.V. and Renegade, Herne
Ahmet Sisman, DJ, music manager, event organizer, Third Space, Essen
Inga Marie Sponheuer, cultural manager and agent for diversity development, Bochum
Michael Eickhoff, Academy for Theater & Digitality, Dortmund
Sabeth Dannenberg, artist, Bochum
Annika Pacyna, co-founder of the RKNKT Festival, DJ Bochum
Ursula Meyer, artist, scenographer and event organizer, Essen
Fabian Saveedra-Lara, curator, head of the office, Dortmund
Aaron Stratmann, interdisciplinary artist, event management, Ruhr region

The Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW)

The Ministry of Culture and Science shapes the framework conditions for cultural diversity and scientific excellence in North Rhine-Westphalia. Ina Brandes has been the Minister of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia since June 29, 2022. Further information on funding programs and the ministry can be found at


Ruhr Regional Association (RVR)

The 480 employees of the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) are competent and experienced in regional planning and regional development, in the management of infrastructure projects such as the Industrial Heritage Route and Emscher Landscape Park, in the planning and expansion of the regional cycle path network and in the maintenance and development of forest and green spaces. At the heart of the RVR's legal mandate is the well-being of the Ruhr metropolis - as a networker, coordinator, initiator, service provider or project sponsor. You can find more information about the association at