VR Experience "Poly Mesh" Banz & Bowinkel

VR Experience "Poly Mesh" by Banz & Bowinkel

First festival on Artificial Intelligences in Essen

Artificial intelligence becomes a sensual experience

Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey   Jan Kounen

Kosmik Journey

"We live in a world that no longer knows any outside."

Immersion as a unifying element

The photo shows dancers sitting on the floor and interlocked with each other. Underneath is the title CRACKS.


CRACKS is the premiere of the Urban Arts Ensemble Ruhr

Better worlds open up behind cracks

the three creators of extraordinary each in a picture on a darker surrounding, the word "extraordinary" is written beneath

The dance project "(extra)ordinary" in Duisburg

Questioning the ordinary

What is New Arts Ruhr?

Virtual reality, breakdance, contemporary acrobatics, techno sounds: the new funding programme of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia is aimed at representatives of new art forms who provide fresh impulses in the dense cultural offerings of the Metropole Ruhr. Structural measures will support innovative artistic experiments until 2030, promote new kinds of collaborations and invite young creatives.