the three creators of extraordinary each in a picture on a darker surrounding, the word "extraordinary" is written beneath
the three creators of extraordinary each in a picture on a darker surrounding, the word "extraordinary" is written beneath

The dance project "(extra)ordinary" in Duisburg

Questioning the ordinary

The project "(extra)ordinary" would like to provide in the center of the Ruhr area, namely in Duisburg and surroundings, dance enthusiasts and dance beginners from 16 years access to movement and expression using urban dance methods and the basic idea of "Each one teach one" of hip-hop culture. In the area of "urban arts" and "artistic experiments", access to the hip-hop culture should be created regardless of age, origin, faith or gender. In the foreground of this dance and movement research are everyday life and being "ordinary". Together with the participants, the following questions will be explored: Who am I in everyday life? What roles do I take on in everyday life? Who do I want to be? What gives me impetus for daily life? What does it even mean to be "extraordinary" or "ordinary" and who determines that? Based on these questions, a one-week residency will experiment with how the theme of "being ordinary" can be staged in public. Because ordinary does not always mean bad.

Dance as a means of communication

The dance scene and subcultures to which the project management of "(extra)ordinary" feel themselves to belong as a network and association of individual artists (hip-hop, (Afro)-house, breaking) all have an emancipatory momentum and refer artistically-critically to prevailing power relations in society. These subcultures have emerged primarily in marginalized social milieus and often lawless spaces. In hip-hop culture, the basic values of Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun apply. The platform that these arts provide is still an important mouthpiece for social groups and individuals alike. Dance in particular offers a unique opportunity to find and express one's identity across cultures. Furthermore, dance is a means of communication that helps to overcome language barriers. Using the body as an installation, staged in Duisburg's public spaces, "(extra)ordinary" aims to touch and enrich everyday city life and create a collective momentum. Hip-hop for everyone.

"(extra)ordinary" invites all people who feel like moving. Everyone has something to say and should be seen, for this you don't need a huge repertoire of powerful dance techniques. The project focuses on human interaction with each other in the field of urban dance and urban performance in public space. Together, energies, everyday stereotypes, everyday life, and the contrasts of proximity and distance are explored.

For whom? Everyone from 16 years, dance enthusiasts and beginners (living room dancers, clubbers etc.)

Where? Stapeltor, 47051, Duisburg

When? 09.10.-14.10.2023 , 11-15 Uhr

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