There is a stage and a DJ booth on the stage. The room is bathed in a red light.
There is a stage and a DJ booth on the stage. The room is bathed in a red light.

On November 3, 2023, the "modus" festival will occupy the Rotunde Bochum

Electronic sounds and DIY innovations

On November 3, 2023, the one-day event for electronic music "modus" will take place in the Rotunde Bochum. In addition to DIY workshops in the afternoon on various fields of electronic music and the Modular Cynth Convention, at which local and international manufacturers of modus electronics will present their instruments, "modus" will be transformed into a music festival in the evening. Local and international acts will share the stage to celebrate together at a techno jam afterwards.

Among the participating artists are Lucid Grain, Bridget Ferrill, Megan Leber, fømites, Kai Niggemann, Alias Shay and Sebotonin. Part of the convention are Frap Tools, WGD Modular, Making Sound Machines, XoR Electronics, Das Synthesizermagazin and F & W Medienkontor.

The initiators Eurorack Ruhr

"modus" is organized by the initiative Eurorack Ruhr. The initiators Lukas Hermann, Jan Hördemann and Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling are united by their love for the combination of art, technology, aesthetics and DIY.

After founding Eurorack Ruhr 2021, the initiative now consists of 50 electronic musicians*, technicians* and inventors* from the Ruhr region. In public sessions, at concerts and in workshops, they are able to present their work and create a place for mutual learning and exchange. Eurorack Ruhr also releases the music of its members. Several EPs as well as a compilation with music of the different Ruhr artists have been released on their own label.

The goal of Eurorack Ruhr is to strengthen the sound research scene of the Ruhr area and to bring them into dialogue with each other. Furthermore, Eurorack Ruhr wants to make the Ruhr area an attractive and interesting place for electronic musicians beyond the dancefloor. Eurorack Ruhr is a therefore a space of empowerment, mutual reinforcement, support and creative dialogue.


November 3, 2023
Rotunde Bochum

Modular Synth Convention: 13-20.00
Workshops: 15-20.00
Concerts & Jams: 20-02.00 p.m.

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