You can see the event poster for "In C". Colorful dots that represent "In C" in their arrangement.
You can see the event poster for "In C". Colorful dots that represent "In C" in their arrangement.

Sasha Waltz's choreography becomes a citywide movement - created as part of the Neue Auftraggeber Initiative

In C – Marler Partitur

In September 2022, "In C - Marler Partitur" was premiered in Marl by over hundred dancing citizens together with dancers from the company Sasha Waltz & Guests. The feedback from participants, audience members and Sasha Waltz herself was consistently positive, and the press was also enthusiastic. The prelude has been set - now the task is to establish "In C - Marler Partitur" as a permanent part of the city's culture.

The project is based on the unique characteristics of the city of Marl: Its visionary post-war architecture, which continues to shape the city today. What was a rural heath village until 1900 only became an urban entity through mining (city charter in 1936) and an important location in the economic plans of the National Socialist system through the chemical industry (Chemische Werke Hüls in 1938, part of the IG-Farben complex). After the war, Marl was able to build on its technological importance, but broke radically with the dictatorship and invested its wealth in the 1950s and 1960s under then-mayor Rudolf-Ernst Heiland and his city planner Günther Marschall Marl into a unique counter-design to the years of state uniformity. They placed education at the center of a city that wanted to offer egalitarian opportunities and participation. The new city hall in the center is designed as a stage for civic participation.

Hardly any other city after the war has understood its democratic claim so much as urban culture and implemented it structurally. Today, the town hall is being renovated. The enclosed building in the city center stands as a symbol of the new beginning. In the future, it is to remain the core of a network of important architectural monuments that extend as far as to the Scharoun School or the Paracelsus Clinic. Experience shows, however, that the neighborhoods and model settlements, like the educational institutions, can only be experienced through the active use and revitalization of the people. In a digital and mobile society, people come together physically in public less often than in the past. Marl's structural hardware therefore needs a software update: the young generation must discover it for themselves in order to establish new forms of use and fantasies, rituals and events. For this, they need practice in common forms of action. This is where "In C - Marler Partitur" comes into play.

"In C - Marler Partitur" is based on Terry Riley's "In C" (1964), an open composition of 53 musical figures that can be repeated as often as desired within a set of rules. In C is also historically related to the architecture of Marl. The piece was written around the same time as Marl's town hall was being planned and democratically opens up the composition to the musicians' decisions. Inspired by Riley, Sasha Waltz has conceived a system of 53 movement figures that are danced in a "structured improvisation with clear rules and laws". "In C" can be performed by any number of dancers. The figures can be repeated as often as desired, but must be done in a specific order. In addition, no one from the group may be more than 4 - 5 figures behind the others. Duration, density and direction of movement thus result from the interaction of the dancers and in dialogue with the music. For Marl, Sasha Waltz has developed a variation of the choreography, the Marler Partitur. It can be practiced and performed by amateurs.

"In C - Marler Score" requires empathy. Sasha Waltz advises dancers to create a "morphic field" in which they can "feel and perceive the directions of movement and thoughts of their fellow dancers." She emphasizes that this is about being part of a group as an individual, not an individual in the group. The difference is important. The piece is about belonging, harmonizing together, and the power of polyphony. Individuals are given a lot of freedom, but they are also expected to pay attention to the community and to adapt their own movements to the rhythm of the group.

Sasha Waltz's "In C" has been touring as a permanent part of her repertoire on international stages since 2021, including Copenhagen (DK), New York (US), Rome (IT), Strasbourg (FR) and Rotterdam (NL). In Marl, a variation of the choreography will be created for the first time as a sustainable offer for a city community. Through the interplay of moving bodies in space, Sasha Waltz not only wants to symbolize the question of how a city community is formed, but also make it an independent and permanent experience. The piece becomes a call to all citizens of Marl to join in the dance and to shape the Marl of the future together.

In C

by Sasha Waltz & Guests
accompanied by the young Brass Orchestra Marl

October 21, 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Assembly hall, Scharounschule Marl

Free entry.
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