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Frieda on stage


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Urban discovery with: Frieda Frost

"Pragmatism without detours"

Urban dancer, dance scholar and project organiser Frieda Frost on her work at the intersection between artistic practice and academia - and her favourite cultural venues in the Ruhr.


Frieda Frost



Birthplace / Place of residence:

Berlin / Cologne / Casablanca


freelance urban dancer, dance scholar and project organiser


How would you describe yourself and your work to an alien?

Aren't we all aliens sometimes? Therefore: I am a freelance urban dancer and am doing my doctorate on the dance culture of breaking (also known as breakdance) at the Institute for Dance and Movement Culture at the German Sport University Cologne. I am a factory artist at the tanzhaus nrw with my collective nutrospektif, with which we stand for a localisation and visibility of urban dance in the stage context; we create (interdisciplinary) performance formats and exchange platforms for (urban) dancers, among other things. I currently work for the Goethe-Institut Morocco in the cultural programme and develop cultural projects such as professionalisation of dancers, support or advise local cultural practitioners. I am also an activist in hip hop culture and stand for the empowerment of girls* and women*.

What is your drive to create art?

Creativity, a thirst for research and entering into communicative dialogue with other people. I always have too many ideas than time and I want to create new formats, possibilities, approaches and structures, both alone and together - for myself but especially for other cultural workers. That is my drive.

What do you love most in the Ruhr region in general?

I love that the Ruhr region is so open and honest - the urban space, the industrial areas, the people. It reminds me of my home Berlin, where we say directly what we think and don't sugarcoat anything. Sometimes we Berliners are seen as unfriendly or harsh for that, but actually it's just open honesty. This is exactly what I find in the Ruhr area. This pragmatism without detours is very refreshing.

Three places in the Ruhr region that you definitely show visitors:

One: PACT Zollverein - the combination of industrial heritage and cultural creativity always inspires me!
Two: One of the small cafés in Bochum that are hidden away and invite you to sit down with a cup of coffee in a cosy ambience, have a chat, wait for a theatre performance to start or do some quick office work.
Three: there are so many other places I like to visit, like the Flottmannhallen in Herne, the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr or the Theater im Depot in Dortmund.... so my guest would have a lot to do :)

What makes the arts and culture scene here so special?

The networking between the cities, the many cultural offers and opportunities, but also the independence and drive of the cultural workers. Many tackle what they lack and create their own places and structures.

In which places can you feel the metropolis of the arts here?

Actually, in all the art and cultural institutions I've already named, but especially when it's interdisciplinary art and culture projects that are being implemented or also at one of the many festivals like the Extraschicht, Ruhrtriennale, RuhrGames or the Pottporus Festival.

Where/when did you have your best cultural experience?

After the premiere of the first dance theatre piece I created with my collective in the Flottmannhallen Herne as part of the Pottporus Festival, when we sat together with our guests after the play and joked about our work, reflected and thought about the future.

Where do you like to go out to eat & drink?

Everywhere where there are good vegetarian dishes and non-alcoholic drinks (;

The best parties are in the...

... I don't have a preferred venue, because it's all about the people: the best parties are after the premiere together with the artists! We had a great party at the Schauspielhaus Bochum a good ten years ago...

If the Ruhr area was a song, this is how it would sound:

Hm, definitely after a snotty German rap song.

What's your next project?

MOVING CONCRETE - Festival for Urban Dance Art at the tanzhaus nrw as part of the Factory Artists with my collective nutrospektif, planning the concept event "Street vs. Stage" in Morocco with nutrospektif, the MichaelDouglas collective and the Goethe-Institut Morocco as well as writing various book contributions and articles on the urban dance culture Breaking...