Blaues Rauschen Rotunde Bochum

Blaues Rauschen Rotunde Bochum ©Xingni Li

Blaues Rauschen Rotunde Bochum

Blaues Rauschen Rotunde Bochum ©Xingni Li

Our questionnaire

Urban discovery with: Karl-Heinz Blomann

"Art creates something new and art creates understanding."

Blaues Rauschen is a festival for digital sound experiments, electronic music, performance and dance. Founder Karl-Heinz Blomann was born in the Ruhr region and has stayed here. In our questionnaire he tells us what makes the region so special and shows us his "Hymn to the Ruhr".


Karl-Heinz Blomann

Birthplace / Place of residence:



Composer, Musician, Producer


How would you describe yourself and your work to an alien?

That we have been trying for years to put the self-destruction mechanism in the Ruhr region out of action. After all, we have already left the cold sleep capsule.

What is your drive to create art?

Art creates something new and art creates understanding.

What do you love most in the Ruhr region in general?

The unpretentious manner of the people.

Three places in the Ruhr region that you definitely show visitors:

The Heissi forest, the Küppersmühle museum, Tiger and Turtle

What makes the arts and culture scene here so special?

The diversity of the scene.

In which places can you feel the metropolis of the arts here?

In the Flottmann Halls in Herne.

Where/when did you have your best cultural experience?

In the Flottmann Halls at concerts by Archie Shepp or Joachim Kühn.

Where do you like to go out to eat & drink?

In Essen at the RÜ.

The best parties are in ...


If the Ruhr area was a song, this is how it would sound:

„Das Ruhrgebiet ist nicht New York“ ("The Ruhr region is not New York") - Hymne an das Ruhrgebiet (Hymn to the Ruhr)

What's your next project?

The festival Blaues Rauschen