Anna Kpok - Shell Game © Stephan Glagla

Anna Kpok - Shell Game © Stephan Glagla

Anna Kpok - Shell Game © Stephan Glagla

Anna Kpok - Shell Game © Stephan Glagla

Our questionnaire

Urban discovery with: Klaas Werner

"Little surprises and fulfilled expectations"

Klaas Werner tells us how the Ruhrpott spices up his work as a dramaturge and production manager.


Klaas Werner



Birthplace / Place of residence:

Bremen / Dortmund


Freelance dramaturge and production manager at Anna Kpok / deputy head of office


How would you describe yourself and your work to an alien?

Here on this planet there are many different life forms whose structures of consciousness are separated from each other. Together with a subcategory of these life forms, so-called humans, I create and structure digital and analogue spaces to enable encounters - temporary moments of being less separate. But you probably don't understand me, we should first find a good way to communicate.

What is your drive to create art?

Constantly trying out new forms of communication and thinking about this world together with others.

What do you love most in the Ruhr region in general?

The history and stories of the many different people and places.

Three places in the Ruhr region that you definitely show visitors:

Essen-Stoppenberg, where Anna Kpok facilitates dimension trips, the Ruhrstation in Bochum, the HMKV in Dortmund's U.

What makes the arts and culture scene here so special?

There are big institutions, in the centre and in the old industry, there are self-managed spaces and many scenes side by side.

Where/when did you have your best cultural experience?

I can't decide on one, but there were a lot of particularly nice moments in the Ringlokschuppen.Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr - with the many great artists who work there.

Where do you like to go out to eat & drink?

At Absinth in Bochum and Sissikingkong in Dortmund.

The best parties are in the...

Wherever people party openly, considerately and tolerantly.

If the Ruhr area was a song, this is how it would sound:

What's your next project?

Anna Kpok: "Blink eight times" as part of the "Wege-project" of the Ruhrtriennale 2021
Anna Kpok: "Surrounded by Things", November 2021, Ringlokschuppen.Ruhr